Skylark Originals: The environmental impact of pets

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Nov 22 2022

Skylark media originals - The environmental Impact Of Pets

Skylark Originals, a YouTube series dedicated to promoting environmental issues, has launched its latest video, ‘The environmental Impact Of Pets’.  

We all love our pets, but have we considered the impact they have on the environment? A country made up of cats and dogs would rank 5th in the world for meat consumption!  

Prof Andrew Knight surveyed 4,060 dog and cat owners in 2021 and found “the pooled evidence to date indicates that the healthiest and least hazardous dietary choices for dogs, are nutritionally sound vegan diets.” 

So, what can we need to do to change this? 

The impact of pets and their diets 

Chantelle Brandwood, founder of Eco Offset, says, ‘Everything has a carbon footprint and the majority of it for our carnivores’ pets is their diet’. She adds, ‘We are humanising our pets, we feed them diets that you can actually eat yourself with the quality of meat that’s in there. As we know with the environmental issues in the world, we’ve got humans that can’t eat food that’s fit for human consumption.’ 

Engage with your pets to reduce boredom 

Recent research showed that engaging house cats in just five to ten minutes of daily play significantly reduced their desire to hunt wild animals. Outdoor cats kill billions of wild animals annually, which places a great deal of strain on native species. Therefore by playing with them you can make a huge change. 

So, what can you change to reduce the environmental impact of your pet? 

  • Alternatives to a Meat based such as protein from plants, insect, yeast and even lab grown meat 
  • Buy cheaper pet food with lower meat content 
  • Don’t give your pet human grade meat 
  • Don’t over- feed them 
  • Make sure they get all the required nutrients if they have a vegan diet 
  • Compost your dog poo 
  • Use poo bags that are made from cornstarch or compostable bags
The environmental Impact Of Pets

So, what’s the most sustainable pet to own? 

The environmental Impact Of Pets

Even one thing you change can have a big impact and we must act now to reduce the negative environmental impact of our own pets. It’s one step at a time and it is us who can create a better future for all. If you like what we do get in touch with us for a free creative video marketing consultation.

Ezo Yildiz

Ezo is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Skylark Media.