Best charity videos and non-profit explainers

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Nov 28 2022

Best charity videos and non-profit explainers

Charities and non-profits rely on donations from the public to work on their cause. With many households experiencing an increase in living costs in 2022, charity donations may be harder to come by due to the lack of disposable income. We’ve looked at some of our favorite charity videos and non-profit explainers so far this year and how they have used video to promote their work

Despite declining donations, charitable organisations need to invest in brand building more than ever. But with innovative marketing, you won’t need to incur high costs. An emphasis on creativity can improve the effectiveness of a campaign when it produces content that is distinctive, engaging and emotional. In a 2004 study, Data2Decisions found that after brand and market size, creativity was the single biggest determinant of advertising profitability.

How we work | Frank Water

The simplicity of this animated explainer for Frank Water gives the audience a clear overview of explaining how Frank Water helps people and the planet to thrive. This also provides the charity with multiple assets, both video and stills that can be also be used for future marketing campaigns! It is a great approach that many charities use as animation works very well to bring all sorts of creativity to life, sometimes much easier than other video formats. The voice over is as important as the visuals here, therefore the animation was voiced by a Frank Water patron, Pinky Lilani.

Using their artwork as the basis for the animation, our animator was able to bring to life the complex WASH system, taking viewers above and underground, in ways that drone filming couldn’t have. This style provides a clear and precise way to tell your story using simple shapes and kinetic text.

For the Refugee | HIAS

Although the character’s facial expressions do not feature in this animation, the pain inflicted on them is evident through the multiple scenarios they endure, backed by a solemn voiceover and soundtrack. 

When making charity videos relatable to the audience this does not always mean they would have suffered the same. It means that they can relate to the emotions shown in the videos. After building empathy it provides a solution at the end which is HIAS.

The award-winning 2d animation has a striking colour palette which reflects the charity’s brand guidelines. The colour red is clearly symbolic of the blood shed by the innocent civilians who have faced the atrocities of war. It also won the Best Commissioned Animation: Promotional at the British animation awards!

Break the silence | Samaritans

Samaritans‘ Break The Silence TVC is intense and emotive. It starts with a period of silence placing uncomfortable emotions in the viewer. It gets noticed but drives the key message: Every 90 minutes someone dies by suicide in the UK. People shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. The uncomfortable silence may leave some viewers reaching for their remote control.

The plot twist helps those in the same situation relate to similar issues. As the lights brighten gradually it symbolises that better days are yet to come if you ‘break the silence’ and call the Samaritans.  

4 Year Olds Bucket List | Water is Life

This great video from Water is Life makes you think out of the box from your daily life and struggles to the real struggles faced in the world. It touches so many different emotions to see a child doing things that are so magical to him that we take for granted, one of which is water. This is my all-time favorite, a live action video that instantly transports viewers to Kenya. Through the visuals and sounds you get immersed in this 4-year old’s life with his own voice and language. We can relate to so many of the different scenes we see but not from the perspective of the child but our own. The video clearly explains why they are doing it, and who it will benefit. This allows those who will donate to understand the deeper meaning behind it all. 

Creating video content is an effective way to get your nonprofit’s voice heard. Video content gets more engagement, has a longer shelf-life, and is growing in popularity. There are different ways you can have successful charity videos like the ones above, and we work with many different non-profit clients to bring their vision to life. Get in touch with our creative video content team to find out more. 

Ezo Yildiz

Ezo is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Skylark Media.