Timelapse videos: A powerful tool for creative storytelling 

Jun 19 2023

Camera on tripod, recording the city.

A timelapse video is a technique in photography and videography where a series of images or frames are captured at a lower frequency and then combined to create a condensed and accelerated video sequence. By capturing slow changes over time and playing them back at a regular frame rate, timelapse videos provide a visually captivating way to observe the passage of time in an accelerated manner, revealing patterns and transformations that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Why use a timelapse video?

Timelapse is a powerful tool for storytelling, particularly when the goal is to convey a narrative within a shorter time-frame. By condensing hours, days, or even longer periods into a few seconds or minutes, timelapse allows for the rapid visualization of changes and progress. It enables storytellers to highlight the dynamic aspects of a story, capturing the essence of events, transformations, and the passage of time in a visually compelling way. 

Important things to consider:

One of the best things about timelapse videos is their versatility. They can be used in a variety of creative ways, such as showcasing the beauty of a particular location, demonstrating the progress of a construction project, or highlighting the artistry of a chef in the kitchen. These applications of timelapse videos can help you create a powerful narrative that resonates with your audience. 

First, choose the right location or subject matter for your video. Consider what will be visually interesting to your audience and think about what message you want to convey. 

Next, think creatively about how to shoot the video. You can use traditional time-lapse techniques, or you can try more innovative approaches like hyper-lapse, tilt-shift, or panoramic timelapse. Hyper-lapse involves moving the camera between frames, adding a sense of motion. Tilt-shift creates a miniature effect through selective focus and perspective manipulation. Panoramic timelapse captures wide-angle or 360-degree views. These techniques offer unique approaches to traditional timelapse, introducing movement, artistic distortion, or immersive perspectives to tell stories in a condensed format. These techniques can help you create a unique and visually stunning video that captures your audience’s attention. 

Finally, think about the story you want to tell. What message do you want to convey through your video? A well-crafted timelapse video can be a powerful tool for telling a story that engages and inspires your audience. 

For documentary style filming with interviews, timelapse B-roll can illustrate a construction or project via speeding up the passage of time so that events appear shorter. This video we made show how you can incorporate timelapse footage into a video:

In conclusion, combining timelapse footage with traditional footage can be a powerful way to create engaging B2B or B2C videos. By using timelapse footage to showcase processes or projects in a condensed and visually compelling way you can create a video that captures your audience’s attention and inspires them to act.

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Ezo Yildiz

Ezo is a Digital Marketing Assistant at Skylark Media.