Video content: why a creative agency

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Oct 1 2020


Nowadays most businesses and brands know that they need video. So, the question we frequently get asked most isn’t ‘why video’ but ‘why a creative agency’?

In this blog I’m going to attempt to answer this question. But first I’d like to establish that there is not always a case for a professional production, just as there is not always a case for an external agency to produce your content. For regular, responsive, on-brand video, sometimes an in-house videographer is just the ticket. And sometimes a snappy clip filmed on your phone is just what you need to engage with your audience. But as your brand awareness grows and your video marketing develops, there comes a point when a creative agency is essential.

A fresh perspective

Your in-house videographer is undoubtedly an expert on your brand. But perhaps they can’t see the wood for the trees. A creative agency with an outsider perspective can offer fresh ideas that could potentially shake things up for the better. They think differently. Many big brands are now hiring marketers with no experience of their sector for this reason. For example, former Barclays marketing director Michelle McEttrick had no experience of retail before being hired as group brand director of Tesco. Working in a variety of sectors avoids stagnation.

Video content: why a creative agency

Story first

These days every creative agency is talking about ‘helping brands tell their story’. It’s a cliché, but still true. Brands probably know what they want their video to say but not necessarily how to say it. A creative can give form to your ideas and shape them so that they make sense for someone coming to your brand cold. As always, less is so much more.

Creatives live and breathe video

We spend our days watching video. It’s what we love. Our knowledge of current trends and techniques is our greatest asset, and that’s what we bring to each new project we work on. Sometimes inspiration can come from the strangest of places and having the headspace to learn and develop is what keeps you engaging and relevant.

Access to the best talent

Many businesses are limited by the capabilities of their in-house team, which can hinder the scale and ambition of their video. A creative agency is a gateway to a limitless pool of incredible talent – animators, illustrators, composers, drone pilots, directors – that you could never access alone. Our network has been years in the making, and we’re just waiting to share it with you. Director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Alien) started out making commercials for the likes of Apple and Hovis before he moved to film. He never worked in-house.

What next?

A busy in-house team often doesn’t have time to think beyond that one video they needed yesterday. Us creatives know that one shiny a video a campaign does not make. We can help you think ahead for the year, as well as thinking of ways to produce a strategic arsenal of video assets that all feel like they’re cut from the same cloth.

James Sampson

Creative Director, Skylark Media. James specialises in emotional storytelling having spent his career working on dramas including Broadchurch, Doctor Who and Sky's Stella. At Skylark, he's directed TV ads for Longleat, My Family Vets and Nisbets.