Volunteering for B Corp Month

Mar 8 2024

To celebrate B Corp month we wanted to do some volunteering. We also wanted to arrange a meet up with some of our fellow Bristol B Corps. Put the two together and you get a volunteering day with five B Corps companies putting their best foot forwards.

24 of us gathered in boots and waterproofs ready for a muddy day ahead. Our target was to plant 300 trees but as a group. We managed to not only smash this but also make a new record for trees planted in a day of over 420!

What we planted:

Hawthorn, crab apple, field maple, holly and hazel were given a home where they’ll create a shrubby border around the bigger trees. It’s great for butterflies and bees. Our efforts will make a significant dent in the target to plant 4,500 trees in the Great Avon Wood before the end of March.

Tree planting B Corp Month
Tree planting B Corp Month

Avon Needs Trees

The charity who hosted our day was Avon Needs Trees. This charitable organisation has bought land near Bristol to create extensive new areas of woodland.

A big shout out to our fellow volunteers from Matrix BookingAtomic SmashAmba, and Webgains.  I know we all shared an immense feeling of satisfaction that these trees will help fight climate change and play a role in reducing flooding and  erosion.

Join us!

It was such a success day that we’re planning on doing it again. If any other B Corps company would like to join us for a tree planting day let me know, [email protected]. Avon Needs Trees can host up to 25 volunteers a day. And joining together meant lots of trees planted plus some very enjoyable networking with purpose driven folk.

And if you want to work with purpose driven people who know how to do things well, you can use this handy B Corp search tool.

Jo Haywood

Jo is Managing Director at Skylark Media. She founded the business in 2005 after carving out a career making climate change documentaries for the BBC and Discovery Channel. She is an environmental campaigner and avid tree-planter.