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Social first video and content production

Digital video content agency

Challenger or market leader? In a video-first world, the stakes are high. We blend audience insight, distribution channel expertise and cutting-edge production technology to create commercially impactful work for all social campaigns. 

Our work



Social first video promo series for B Corp event

We're proud to contribute pro bono work to PurposeFest, championing the B Corp movement in the South West. Our efforts include crafting their brand identity, amplifying event promotions, and creating marketing assets for their social media platforms. Together, we're driving positive change and fostering sustainable business practices in.

Digital Campaigns

UWE's Shout Out To The Brave

Social media video campaign to promote postgraduate studies

As part of a campaign drive to promote UWE's postgraduate courses, we created a digital video series to tell three student success stories for a 3 month long campaign which outperformed all expectations.  The university ran a sequenced social campaign on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram which featured optimised versions of each narrative as well as a combined short. Further graphic-led videos were created to reinforce messaging.

Buglife's B-Lines campaign


Buglife's digital campaign, powered by our animation, secured a $500K investment for wildflower corridors. Our hero film laid the groundwork, leading to a targeted digital campaign with assets tailored to diverse audience segments.

Viva! Takeaway The Meat


We developed this social campaign to play out on digital channels during the TV run. Introducing the 'Just Meat' branding, our spin-off content tailored for reels and stories, maximised engagement and extended the campaign's reach beyond traditional media.

Video production behind the scenes

Social first video campaigns

How would it feel to have ready-to-go assets of professional, branded content that’s ready to post? We’ll work with community and social media managers to develop branded social templates that align with your social playbook. 

Samaritans TV Ad


With a rich portfolio spanning diverse campaigns, we offer photography services tailored for both social-first and traditional marketing initiatives. From event coverage to lifestyle shots, we’ve got you covered. 

Micro influencers

Got an influencer collaboration in mind? From micro influencers to A-list celebrities, we’ll tell real stories through a social-first lens for content-hungry viewers. 

360 campaigns

We develop the creative to deliver end-to-end creative visual campaigns that work seamlessly and effectively across your full customer journey. 

Branded content video production agency

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