Driving brand awareness for loft boarding system's first TV ad

LoftZone makes lofts better for storage and better for the environment. Its British-made products are award-winning and have transformed 100,000 lofts worldwide – making it the UK’s no 1 loft boarding company.

After successfully executing paid campaigns, LoftZone turned to us to produce a brand response campaign for TV. LoftZone previously performed well in SEO but wanted to reach audiences in specific regions through AdSmart. Skylark’s creative utilised humour to sell the emotional benefit of increased storage space and a clean and tidy home, combined with rational messaging about the effectiveness of LoftZone’s StoreFloor system and a strong call to action to search for a local approved installer.

We used Sandstorms Studio to build a loft and artificial living room, to bring the concept of transitioning from a regular room to a spacious loft to life. The objective? To attract new customers to the website and increase searches for installers. The campaign was a huge success with one installer in an up-weighted region being fully booked for 6+ months.


installer searches attributed 


months fully booked installations in up-weighted region


increase in website users YoY

‘I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every one of you – and your wider teams too – for all the superb work that you have put into getting us to this point. We are very impressed by the quality and professionalism of everyone involved, and we’re very excited about the results!’ Dave Raval, Chief Executive, LoftZone