UWE Bristol

Integrated digital campaign to drive postgraduate enrolment

Leading the way in innovation within higher education, UWE Bristol is the largest university in the UK for postgraduate part-time study. To raise awareness among prospective students, UWE Bristol wanted to tell success stories through the eyes of its alumni, selecting three students from diverse backgrounds to discuss their course and the impact a postgraduate study has had on them.

After a discovery meeting, Skylark expanded deliverables from a montage video and 3 individual cutdowns, to 22 creative assets for an integrated paid social campaign. This included graphical edits, stat graphics with alternative CTAs for A/B testing.







CTR year on year

‘Shout Out To The Brave’ ran on YouTube with the aim to raise awareness. The video performed significantly better than their previous hero video ‘Now Is Possible’ in terms of impressions. With improved keyword optimisation, the campaign ran again the following year and generated 200% clicks and 6x CTR. Today, more than 60% of UWE Bristol’s Meta ads are created using graphical templates created by Skylark.